A One Day International WEBINAR on "IMPROVING THE VISIBILITY OF RESEARCH WORK" held on 28.05.2020, organised by Dr. S. Balamurugan Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Commerce, Poompuhar College (Autonomous), Melaiyur. The webinar was conducted through a zoom meeting. The ultimate goal of conducting this webinar is that many researchers are developing a variety of functions and tools that can be used to improve their work by making them visible and accessible to the world. In this context, this one day international webinar is organized to provide researchers with tips on how to make their work visible and accessible to everyone in the world. The number of participants registered for the webinar is 583 within a day, therefore the organizer closed the link due to using limited zoom meeting version. Participants were registered from different states of India and some countries. The number of admitted participants is only 100 on a first come, first served basis. The resource person for the session was Dr.S.Sivakumar, Associate Professor and Coordinator, PG Programme, School of Governance and Development Studies, Hawassa University, Ethiopia, North-East Africa, he has presented the topic on Improving the Visibility of Research Work. The presentation received good attention and received numerous compliments from the participants, and many of the participants demanded that the FDP be organized on this topic.